Construction consulting

Besides the development of architecture and decoration projects, complete furnishing services, and project realization, Charles.Cameron company provides consulting services in construction.
An efficient project realization requires a complex approach. Our Technical Customer Service proposes a clear PROGRAMME OF A PROJECT REALIZATION, which consists of several tasks divided into preparative and active stages:


Creation of a work base – feasibility study, time limits, budget, contractors. It comprises the following services:
  1. Expert evaluation of the project drawings.
  2. Expert evaluation of the legal aspect of the project depending on the site localization.
  3. Tender for the site works execution – choice of contractors (constructors, engineers, suppliers).
  4. Construction works scheduling:
    • Building of a budget;
    • Elaborating of the site works schedule;
    • Elaborating of a payment schedule;
    • Budget optimisation options;
    • Drafting and signing of contracts for the site works on conditions favorable for the Client.


Consists in following the lead times, the quality, and the budget:

  1. Technical supervision of works.
  2. Architect’s supervision.
  3. Time schedule control.
  4. Control of the high standards of the works.
  5. Providing of the site reports to the Client according to the approved schedule and model, and including photo and video reports, work completion certificates.
  6. Online video of the site works available to the Client.
  7. Providing a personal economist.
  8. Providing a personal engineer.

Projects Before and After

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What are the reasons to use consulting services by Charles.Cameron?

The house building (especially abroad) is a complex procedure which requires a wide knowledge that the Client cannot and shouldn’t possess.

These tasks are taken in charge by our team of specialists (managers, engineers, architects, designers) with many years’ experience:

  • Development and construction of houses up to 2 000 m2,
  • Development and realization of design projects up to 6000 m2,
  • Development and realization of landscape projects with complex irrigation systems and decorative pools and parks,
  • Creation of complex architecture forms and constructions (stained glass domes, wrought iron bowers, rotundas, multimeter swimming pools, sports and games areas and health improvement centers).

On receiving and agreeing a budget, schedules of site works and payments with us, a Client can afford to stay away from the process. As a matter of fact the client’s presence is needed for signing of a contract and for the works acceptance. We manage the whole process on a Client’s request.

We inform Clients about the progress of works (photo and video reports, according to the contract, and the work completion certificates) on a regular basis and according to the schedules. Our aim is to meet the budget approved and performance time, provided a Client keeps up the payment schedule.

Our experience of participating in the large scale projects assigned by state corporations has allowed us to master the highest quality standards of the project development which enables us to go quickly and efficiently though all the necessary control procedures.

Given our experience of house building in Russia and abroad we are familiar with the nuances of city hall approval procedures and of the further takeover of the site works.

Tender makes the whole process of house building transparent and allows the client to be familiar with the local market and to arrive at optimal decisions. The established base of contractors in various fields of construction and in the house furnishing allows us to offer a Client the best value for money.

The advocacy of a Client’s interests in legal environment of the country where a project is carried out becomes often our priority.

Our experience of work with the lawyers from Russia, Great Britain and Europe makes it possible for us to determine these priorities for different countries, for example:

  • There are rarely problems with the quality of performance work, deadlines or security standards in London, but there’s a high risk of breaking the budgets approved. The contractors often use vague wordings and different loopholes in standard legal contracts in order to multiply the amount of the quotation agreed and can even bring themselves into serious confrontation with the Client with the aim to obtain an additional benefit.
  • It’s easier to insist on following the budget in the South of France and in Spain, but there are much more problems of quality and deadlines.

We are a reliable partner.
We don’t give vane promises.
We do efficient scheduling and management of the house building process.